Cynthia Morse

The only place I’ve ever called home is Kentucky.  To answer the most important question asked of anyone from Louisville, growing up I attended DuPont Manual High School and graduated in 2007, and would later coach field hockey there for 5 years.  After High School I attended Centre College and was offered many opportunities for international learning which earned me a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish.  I put my degree to good use by teaching English abroad in Spain for one year.  As much of the world as I was offered the opportunity to see, I find so much comfort in being back in Louisville and I haven’t left since.

Since being back, I have consistently sought opportunities within fields that are oriented around people. I have worked with students at the University of Louisville for many years now and I decided to pursue a career in Real Estate really as it reflects so much of who I am and what I love.  I have an inherent desire to work with people, I am a champion of our great city, and I want to help others find their own comfort in Louisville.

I’ve found that Wakefield Reutlinger was a great match for me, because they view the home buying process as more than just a transaction and more of a journey.  I share their same dedication to honesty and integrity, and would love to work with you to find the right fit for you, and be a continuing advocate on your behalf.